Thursday, March 5, 2009

After so long...

... I cried in the cinema! I've gotta say Marley & Me is one sad movie. Especially for dog lovers. I cried 3/4 through the movie, from where they showed Marley grew older and had problems walking up the stairs; till he died. *Sobs* Sad wei!!! I couldn't contain my tears and kept crying and sobbing. I should have finished reading the book first so I wouldn't have to cry my eyes out right in front of him... Haha... so embarrassing.

On another note, yea.. I'm still alive, juggling between uni work pretty badly. I am grateful for my life, but right now... things aren't going as smoothly as I want to and it sucks.
*complain complain complain* LOL


sud said...

cry in front of whom huh?? *hugs*

Kimiko said...

i wonder who huh? hehe... XD