Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will u be my valentine?

Love is in the air. Yeap, it's obvious and can be nauseating at times. Haha... you know what I'm talking about. Teeny bopper couples flocking the trendy malls. And I can't stop noticing this particular behaviour every valentines day. These couples tend to have the girl carrying her valentine's gift or gifts, practically everywhere they go the whole day. No matter how humongous the gift is! Is it neccessary to bring along you prezzies? I find it silly, really. Keep your hands free and enjoy your date la.

Haha... sensed a touch of jealousy in me? Or probably I'm one of those teens who carries her gift everywhere? Haha... I'm one really lucky girl. =)

Made and packed a bunch of brownies for my friends and bro's friends (he requested it. haha..). Girl buddies too! Mum and dad as well! Haha... They deserved to be loved on this very day albeit single or taken. Hehe...

To those who aren't able to reach out to their partners this Valentines day, don't dismay. I know it's difficult with all that lovey-dovey jazz going around. It's not about physical distance, but the love, understanding and determination you have for each other. Be proud!

To those who have yet to meet their rightful partners, I wish you luck this Valentines day. Love appears in many unexpected ways. So don't lose hope yet! Go out and party with your buddies. Who knows? You might meet the one. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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