Saturday, February 7, 2009

Short CNY Entry

I do admit that I am one hell of a lazy bum when it comes to blog maintanence. Either that or I'm too busy to update my blogs. Haha... That aside, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!

The yearly mei wha (cherry blossom) tree.

This year's CNY is really hectic for me and it's been the busiest of all these years. Major spring cleaning, shopping, decorating the house and baking loads of cookies... not as bad as a cookie factory la, but good enough to be considered a lot. Haha.. seriously, with an additional family member and unexpected 'orders' coming around at the very last minute... I managed it despite other household chores and am very proud of myself. Lolz!

I regret decorating half of the shortbread batch with green glaced cherries. Green made it dull coloured and unappealing. *Reminds herself to use red coloured ones the next occasion*

For me, Chinese New Year is almost all about visiting relatives and friends, collecting ang paus, eat eat eat and EAT! Lolz! It is a wonder how we could stuff our stomachs from morning till night time non stop... and there's even some space left for supper... And repeating the same routine again for the next 7 days! Gluttons we are!

Yee sang, the first dish we had for everyday's dinner. Luckily it's only available during CNY.

Gambling! CNY is not CNY without gambling sessions! Haha.. Pretty lucky year for me. Been getting 21s and double As every now and then. And my luck gets better with a certain company around. Hehe.. too bad I play small amounts. From 10sens among cousins, to RM 1 with the adults and friends. Else I would have made it big. *Dreaming...*

Alright, to make it short, I truly enjoyed this year's new year. Hanging around with cuzzies till the wee hours, met up with many ex classmates that I've lost touched for almost 7 years (yea... I'm a horrid friend. Haha...) ; held 3 open houses this year (thanks guys for coming over!! really appreciated it!)... We've really pushed our limits this time. Haha... Phew!! It was worth getting ill after all that effort. =)

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