Saturday, April 26, 2008

Study Week ....Not

I can't believe I'm blogging in the middle of study week. Exams are way too near, 30th April to be exact. And I have tonnes, tonnes!!! I say, to absorb everything in just 3 days.

The uni is a pretty conducive place for studying, only in the library for me. Because if I were to be 'studying' in the SA....

I can't concentrate. It's a place where too much distractions occur the whole day. I can't study with noise going on. And frankly, I am part of the noise as well. I do join in the fun to disturb others too. So... the library is a better option for me and the disturbed.

However the last 2 days of the week, studying was like a food fest for us. I bought McD for breakfast for the gang, Muhsin brought chocolate cake and unexpectedly, Hotaru brought a box of decadent donuts too! Such a coincidence.

MmmMmm~~ Yummilicious Big Apple Donuts! I fell head over heels for that yucky looking dunut. Was it called Predator or something? Hotaru said it was because the appearance of it, the choc culicues representing the hair of that monster from the movie Predator.

Anyhow... Chocolate in, chocolate out, chocolate on the table and hands. I did make a mess while eating it. This is love at first tasting. Haha... Perfect for a donut fan and chocoholic like me. I must find out where the nearest outlet I can get them easily!

Pity Sud.. missed out all the fun.