Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Xmas Entry

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ok, that was lame. It has been 3 days after Xmas. This year, it feels like Xmas just stopped by to wave "Hello" and bid "Sayonara" immediately. And so will the year 2008. I bet I'll be writing something similar soon enough. Haha... It's rather late, but...

Merry Christmas!!~

Xmas... how shall I say... To me, xmas is all about twinkling xmas trees, presents, candy canes, truffles, marshmallows, turkeys, red wine, snowmen, santa clause and most of all - love. It's a joyful season, with happy people singing along to carols played on the radio and in malls. And being petite makes everything seem so epic. Haha... Despite it from being a hectic season, I'm still very grateful to be able to enjoy myself thoroughly.

Gazing at xmas trees and experiencing the miracles of Christmas with someone dear to me are incomparable.

A nonpareil Christmas party with my loved ones.

And... a scrumptious Christmas spread!!

All things nice needs a perfect ending no? And the best ending for a student is to face examinations right after a happy event. Exams which are barely a week away and I'm not completely geared up to endeavor it. Haha... am seriously so in need of a miracle. Speaking of miracles, I shall end this entry with a Christmas poem that I stumbled on. Till my next entry, toodles!~

Maybe we need another miracle.
Each epoch ought to have one of its own,
Reducing skeptics to a single groan,
Renewing faith with evidence empirical.
Yes, we need fresh testimony lyrical,
Changing hearts that else would change to stone,
Healing those who, hearing, would atone,
Replacing reason with a canticle.
If only God would visit us again,
Showing us for sure His patient love,
Taking on our sins a second time!
Maybe we could be quite certain then,
Ablaze with what our faith would outright prove,
So for ourselves to witness the sublime.