Saturday, June 21, 2008

Renee's Wedding

Happiest day!! Today is my cousin Renee's wedding. Congratz to the lovely couple!! Everyone was happy, and so am I. =)

I'm so happy that the wedding cake turned out GOOD!! The deco, cake, cupcakes and cake stand... all homemade. The couple loved it! The guest were awed by it! I'm sooo glad and happy! Whee~~ Words can't described how happy and proud I was at that time.

I loved using that edible glitter I got. It was worth spending a fortune on those glitter. It adds that glamorous accent to the roses, lil flowers and leaves.

Individual roses in peach and light purple for each and everyone that attended. Doing cupcakes for a wedding is a nice idea. Mum and I had fun making these lil roses together. Thanks Jess!

I'm amused at the groom though. He kept taking tonnes of photos of the cake, inspecting every corner and angle of it! Hehe... The colourful childrens' cupcakes turned out pretty good and I can't believe even the adults liked picking out Smarties and dragees from them!

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without my family's support and most of all, my amazing mum! I'm very proud of her. Thanks ma!

Having a job and completing the cake at night in less than a week, and assembling the main cake in 2 hours just before the wedding dinner (I'm crazy) is one tough work for a novice like me. Lesson learned well. Haha!

Yes, the cake is not perfect, but every bit of effort put in was worth while. I'm happy that the couple is happy and delighted with the outcome.


rubinho said...

You and your mum made that?!! Exceptional!! Bravo to both of you!! =)

Bento Pet said...

Awesome! Well done!!

sudu said...

i've said it b4 and i'll say it again...that thing is beautiful!! and ur sooo hired for my wedding!! ahahaha