Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Day at Work

I've been busy working on the decorations for my cousin's wedding cake. Juggling between travels and the cake, hardly have time to touch my blog on the progress of the cake. Anyway, it's going fine and I think I really need to speed things up. The wedding's this Saturday and I'm only half way done. Eeek!

On another note... Yippie! I've got an internship finally. I really thought I will be one of the few who unsuccessfully obtained an internship this summer break. Talk about luck. Haha...

Today's my first day interning at a semiconductor assembly and testing factory. There were 3 others that came in with me and I'm beginning to dislike one guy. He's so annoying, judging everyone of us as if he's so perfect. Grrr... Him aside, I'm really thankful Adam is with me. At least I have someone whom I know accompanying me on the commuter and at work.

We were briefed by our supervisors on their current research... a new type IC which I think it looks really cool! Super small and amazing functions! Can't believe I'll be part of the 'team' that plays a roll in the research. Well... a teeny weeny bit la, but I'm still happy.

Later, we were shown around by our seniors and to our respective buddies (that's the buddy system they have it here, where trainees under the same supervisor are known to each other as buddies). My supervisor is so friendly and kind. He even gave me his Koop card, about RM 50+ (credit card in the company) to spend on meals and other stuffs that I want... until I get one of my own la. But, it's cool huh?

Lunch time was so happening! The canteen's large, an extremely organized system, and the best part is... so much food!! Nyonya, Western, Special (not too sure bout this 1 since it is not operating today), Indian, Vegetarian, fruits stall, kuih-muih stall, ice-cream, ABC... the list goes on! I tried the nyonya food, and it was pretty good and dirt cheap for a 4 side dishes+rice meal. Chicken.. whole drumstick+potatoes, 2 veges, and whole tofu costs RM5.10! Much better than my uni's cafe, anytime. Haha!

After lunch was fun. I don't know where Adam and the rest went. I followed YH (my buddy) around and she showed me every corner of the factory. She even borrowed one of her friend's smock for me to wear. I look like a ninja in that. She brought me into the 2nd and 3rd floor line. Er... I've forgotten their respective name though. The machines that I'll be handling in the future, the people whom I should look for if I need any help, how and what each machine does... OMG! Too many names and things to remember in a day! She seems rather excited explaining every bit to me. Haha... I'm like so blur there, don't really understand what she's trying to explain to me. Haha.. Soon I'll get the hang of it.

We went back to the research lab where everyone was there. I still had my smock on and Adam laughed so hard like a hyena! I'm gonna laugh back at him when he gets one. Hmph! At least I made him jealous that I could go venture into the lines, where else he and the rest were stuck in the lab for the whole day doing nothing. Haha! So, its good to be petite huh?

Alrighty... I'd better log off now. Come to think of it, I have to manage my time really well now. Work and the wedding cake. Aaah!!

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sud said...

wow...i havent visited my own blog for ages and i see someone's been bz updatin...ahaha...u play a roll in research? wat roll? egg roll? hehehe...sengaja poke u is funnnn...say hi to adam for me!! lol