Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mummy Dearest

Dear Mum,

We do not know how should we should say it, but "We love you, Mum". Somehow these simple words just cannot express how much we love you. Our gratitude towards you cannot be expressed through words alone. Your unconditional love that you have showered us with all these years have always been treasured by us.

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

Your stubborn daughter and son. =)


Ok, back to my blog. =P
The cake is vanilla sponge cake with blueberry filling. It's been quite some time since I played around with fresh cream. *Sigh* My skills have gone really rusty. Took me many tries just to have 2 okay looking cream roses.

Then again... it was really relaxing taking my mind off studies. My exams are still on with just a paper to go. Electronic Design, my most dreaded subject of all. Have to persevere for 3 more days, and I'm off on a long long summer break! Whee~


Bento Pet said...

Lovely cake!! Been missing your updates, but studies come first!! Good luck!

hotaru said...

Oi oi... apada.. why theres only mothers day..!! I want a friendship day.. so make me a cake everyday kakakakakakakakakak

sud said...

damn...that cake looks so good...just makes me wanna become a mother...hahaha

Bell said...

"okay looking cream roses"???!!! OMG but they're beautiful!! I could never do anything like that!