Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memory lane

It's about time I updated something here. Hee... Thank you for all your concern and e-mails guys. I am well, still the same old lazy me. I will still update this blog once in awhile. However, I doubt that this blog will be updated as frequent as it used to be. Currently, I'm tied up with my studies and hopefully this "study" enthusiasm lasts.

Lots of things have happened throughout the past 3-4 months, up until now. I shall get emo with this small memory lane of mine. **What am I saying?** Lolz..

Celebrated my bro's birthday with his buddies at home.
Note to "the hantu": Better luck next time to try to scare me^^.

Celebrated Mustafa's birthday with homemade cupcakes...

Getting frustrated over CODAS software.
Writing the report was a pain in the ass.

Catch up with girl friends at Gasoline @ Times Square.
Braved the crowd during New Year's Eve at Sungei Wang.
Crammed with the countdown crowd, watched fireworks on display
and managed to avoid getting sprayed!
Had overpriced cakes (RM 12 per piece!) and yet paid 3 for the price of 1.

Truly enjoyed the night with my best friends.

Played fireworks with cousins on CNY.
Had supper with them for the 1st time till 2am.
Waited 1 hour for a burger.

Guy on top: Sorry... sorry...
Guy below: You farted?!

Entertained by a lion dance performance at uni.
Not bad for an ang mo uni.

It's that time of the year again.
Had a lovely surprise this Valentine's.
Hotaru had her's too.
Gave chocolates to my dearest friends. Somehow it felt good to give.

An unexpected one on Valentine's. Thanks guys.
I'm the happiest girl in uni.

Held an open house on CNY.
First time saw Mus whack 4 plates.
Found out that Adam don't eat longans.
Also learned that Li San and Kien Woon just got married.
Congrats to you both!
Somehow, really got 'spiaked' by reality. Time really flies.

Learned how to use Xilinx.
Computers in uni sux big time.
Argh... an awaiting moment of report writing.

Ok, I think that's it.


sud said...

hahahaah...chocolates for ur frens? they must really be a bunch of pathetic losers (tak terasa langsung...hahahha) loved dat lion dance...damn cun wey...hahahaha

Kimiko said...

cun rite? glad could watch them this year at UNI!. eh...Thick skin feller. Pathetic but tak terasa pula =P hehe.. not nice meh getting chocs? =.=