Friday, August 31, 2007

Strawberry Shortcake

I always had this problem of buying the largest punnet of strawberries and not being able to finish them at a time. Yet, I refuse to buy a smaller pack! I'm so greedy. I made some strawberry-yogurt snack the other day and mum did not like it. I know she loves strawberries but she couldn't enjoy it with yogurt. To compensate for that, I made her favourite strawberry shortcake. I have no idea why it is called a shortcake. All I know is that shortcakes are made from sponge cake layers and whipped cream.

I made the sponge cake with this recipe. Once the sponge has cooled completely, it is divided into 2. A piece of it was spiked with brandy syrup and topped with whipped cream and strawberries. The second piece of sponge is placed on top and is spiked with brandy too. *grins*

The plastic cake case was pretty handy. I notice that the cake does not get dry as fast as when stored in a box.

Anyway, the cake didn't last that long either. 3/4 of it is gone by now.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

White Ruby Layers

I bought some strawberries with no intention of baking or cooking. I ate a few, only to realise later that I could make a snack with yogurt! In one of her shows, Nigella whipped up glasses of Raspberry Oatmeal Swirls for her breakfast guests.

I decided to try it out! I altered this recipe to fit whatever ingredients I could get hold of. Particularly the part where it called for raspberries and oatmeal biscuits. I substituted it with strawberries and Digestive biscuits instead. As for Greek yogurt, I used our regular low-fat yogurt from supermarkets. Despite the alterations, strawberries and yogurt complement each other well. The crumbs of Digestive biscuit gave some bite to it. This dessert/snack is interesting; sourish with bits of strawberry pieces and yet its sourness is cut down by the biscuit crumbs. My mum didn't like it though. She couldn't stand the smell of yogurt.

It wouldn't be right if I were to name it Raspberry. No raspberry, no Greek yogurt, no oatmeal biscuits in those I made. Perhaps I can call it White Ruby Layers?

White Ruby Layers

(adapted and altered from Nigella Feast: Raspberry Oatmeal Swirls)
250g Strawberries
500g Fat-free yogurt
3 pieces Digestive biscuits
1 tbps Sugar

Same method as stated in Nigella's website.
This is a simplified version of mine. =P
  1. Place biscuits in a plastic bag. Secure bag's opening and smash biscuits to small crumbs. Set aside.
  2. Remove strawberry caps. Cut strawberries into quarters (if they're too large). Place into a blender and add sugar. Pulse it about 3 times, until becomes a puree. Not too much if you want small bits of strawberry pieces.
  3. Place a layer of biscuit crumbs, approx 1 tbsp, into a serving glass.
  4. Top it with 1-2 tbsp yogurt.
  5. Top the yogurt with 1-2 tbsp strawberry puree.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until glass is full. Sprinkle with biscuit on the final layer. Serve cold.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Love Sick

I still recall,
The gloomy dawn,
My heart grieved,
As thou moved on.

I could not blame,
Nor rancour destiny,
But thy eternal glory,
Lingered in my memory.

Days go on,
As normal it seemed,
My patience being torn,
I silently screamed.

I waited longingly,
Believing in miracles,
And glad I did,
To finally embrace thou.

My eyes gleamed,
And thou glimmered back,
Oh, how I longed for thee,
My beloved Internet.


If you're wondering, I wrote this poem out of boredom. It's about the absence of both my modem and router. They got struck by lightning last Friday.

Grr... curse you, you lightning.

Cost me RM 230!!

Anyway, I'm glad I can blog, play games and chat again. Wheee~!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bento the 3rd

Ok, this bento was not made for today nor yesterday. It was made weeks ago for my family and cousin. I just had not have the opportunity to load up the photos from the camera till today. I just found the missing USB cord. I have been using my handphone to snap snap since Monday. Not too bad huh?

I don't know why but I love making these for them. This time I tried frying some tempura for them; aubergine, okra and lotus root. It wasn't easy to deep fry these things. It takes time and I hate frying food. Not only do I tend to overcook them, I'm also very afraid of hot oil spitting onto me. I was practically in a "defensive mode". Covered up with oven mittens and was standing at least 1 meter away from the wok until the thing is cooked.

Anyway, after a few tries and lots of OWW! OUCH! ACK!, I managed it. I think I was in a good mood then to even bother decorating the onigiri.

Dad's bento

Mum's bento

Bro's bento

I couldn't find the photo of my cousin's bento. I think I might have accidentally deleted it. *sobs*

Hy Thian Restaurant

My family dine at this restaurant quite frequently. We've been dining there for at least 10 years now, ever since they started as a small shop with no air-conditioning system. To think back, it's nice to see their restaurant 'grow', from a small corner shop lot with zink roofs to a giganto nicely furnished 5 double storey shop lots!

This restaurant is non halal and has a wide variety of dishes, yet almost every one is delicious. Well, this mainly depends on each person's taste buds. In order to enjoy the dishes that suits you best, it is wise to have the 'captain' to recommend and take your orders. One thing is for sure, the service is top notch. Once you are seated, it takes less than 2 minutes to have their waiters/waitress to serve and you are able to place an order. Once the order goes in, it takes no more than 10 minutes for all, yes ALL of your dishes to arrive. Sometimes only 5 minutes and rarely later than 15 minutes. It's no joke.

We went there last Sunday for dinner. Sorry ya, some photos are a bit blurry. I'm not good with the cantonese names for the dishes below, but I'll try coming up its English equivalent.

Yam ring with sweet sour pork

Roasted chicken (my favourite!!)

Suckling pig

Homemade tofu with kei chi and i-dont-know-what gourd

Veggie with oyster sauce

My family's other favourites are their:
- Steamed white pomfret (bawal putih)
- Deep fried aubergine coated with honey and garlic
- Spinach soup with century egg and anchovies
- Royal Stout tiger prawns (my favourite!!)
- Sweet sour crab
- Lala in ginger
- Shark's fin fried with eggs, wrapped in lettuce leaves
and many many more

They do cater for weddings and parties as well.

Hy Thian Restaurant is located at Seri Kembangan, just 2 doors away from a bakery and is opposite a Petronas station. You can't miss it with all the bright lights and it's the only 5-shop restaurant there.

Telephone: 03-89488781

Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday Cupcake

A friend of mine called me up yesterday morning if I could manage a small birthday cake for his dear little sister. They held a party at a restaurant in Mid Valley and I was to deliver the cake to them there. After much discussion on the phone, we came up with the idea of surprising her with 8 cupcakes instead of the usual 1 big cake.

Why cupcakes? They wanted something simple yet different, a small cake which they can finish it there. Secondly, the birthday girl is 8 this year and is from a family of 7. Just nice! It seems she likes chocolate and cheese, and adores pink and purple flowers, roses in particular.

The cupcakes were moist chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting decorated with sugar flowers.

I am glad the cakes arrived safely and they were happy with the cakes.

*disclosure of names are as requested. Lolz*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Carrot Cake, Chicken Feet & Liqueur

We visited my grandma again at uncle Mike's place last weekend. She's aging a lot but anyhow, she seemed fine. I made some langues-de-chat and a carrot cake for my uncle... in exchange for a pot of his super heavenly yummy kai kiok. Yes, I love chicken feet. And only kai kiok cooked by him are the best. My brother used to dislike chicken feet until he had a taste of this. And boy, did I REGRET giving him to try. I now have a competitor.

I remember about a year ago my uncle told me to bake a carrot cake for him and said he'll cook me a pot of kai kiok. I never knew how to make a good carrot cake until now. I frosted the cake with my own concoction of cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese, icing sugar, butter, and orange zest, tasting along the way. The frosting turned out pretty good. I had some leftover frosting and decided to decorate the cake a bit. Hehehe... mini carrot border.

Some big, some small.

Ready to trade. Finally, I got to eat my favourite kai kiok! And to uncle Mike, his carrot cake! Good trade isn't it?

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very lively welcoming party: 5 shih tzus!

Zorro and Uno.

My, they have grown so much! Sorry there aren't any photos of the kai kiok, chicken rice and the other dishes. I was too busy stuffing myself with kai kiok. Mmmm~

I like that mini cherry glass.

After we had our dinner and my kai kiok, we ate the cake, cookie, pulasan, ume, drank green tea and liqueur. That liqueur was something different. I was actually amazed with it. It was a milk-coffee liqueur, a product of Ireland. Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur Original.

One side milk, one side coffee. Pretty cool.

It came in a very unique bottle. The milk and coffee were separated! And when you pour it out, both coffee and milk comes out simultaneously! Non drip some more. Easy to pour, so nice to drink with ice.

2 layers. Ying yiong or Michael Jackson?

Give it a light swirl before drinking. *hic* *hic* very very delicious too! *hic* It tasted something like frappucino, with alcohol. *hic*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick Meal

There are times when I have not taken any meal and am already running late for classes, train, meetings, whatever. Worst still, I only have a mere 10 minutes or less to eat and there aren't any edible on-the-go food to bring along. But I simply have to eat or I'll faint along the way.
Instant noodles are an option. They take approximately 2 minutes to cook and 5 minutes to eat. Through many years of experience, soupy ones are not that 'fast' to eat. Kon lou or noodles tossed in sauce are the fastest. That's me... and I'm not proud of those experiences. Hehe..

I was trained not to take too much instant food stuffs that are laden with MSG. But I love them anyway. *bad girl* This fast and simple kon lou Maggi was inspired by my mum. She used the noodles and discard its packet of powder soup base. I guess that reduces the unheathly bit. My mum used to make this for breakfast during my schooling years. Sometimes with chicken pieces and vegetables, sausages or dead yummy fried pieces of pork lard. *drools* I missed those mornings. I didn't have to prepare breakfast for myself

Ma, can you make this for me tomorrow?

Kon lou Maggi

1 packet Maggi mee (only noodle is used)
1 1/2 tsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp sesame seed oil
1 tsp tomato ketchup
1/2 tsp chilli sauce

  1. Place noodles in boiling water and cook for 2 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, pour oyster sauce, sesame seed oil, tomato and chilli sauce into a bowl. Vary the tomato and chilli proportions according to your preference. For a spicier blend, use 1 tsp chilli and 1/2 tsp tomato. Add pepper to taste.
  3. Once noodles are cook, drain out the water and pour into the bowl with prepared sauce mix. Toss and stir the noodles until well mixed.
  4. Serve hot.

Unhealthy, I know.
But when you're in a hurry, anything goes.