Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Spin

October 21st:

A chocolate lover who steals Cadbury mini's at every house we visit during CNY. Another gamer I know who always ask me cds, tips and where to download. I stopped playing RO and Dota already la... Don't follow mi footsteps.

Also, you're another fellow I knew since baby. My... how you've grown! Though I kinda miss pinching your chubby cheeks.
"Penang"... My cousin and friend. My bro's best buddy and worst enemy. I guess I shall not elaborate on that. Xin, I know, you know ya? We both will spill you guys' secret in front of your girl friends.

And since you liked chocolate and Naruto, this cake is made especially for you. Honestly, I had trouble making his hair and drawing his facial expressions. All I had was a comic book to refer to. And guess who helped me out? Your very best friend! He did the hair and guided me with the details.

We both hope you liked it, and Happy 15th Birthday!!


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Wow! Very cute and lovely cake!