Saturday, September 29, 2007

September Baby

September 11th:

This day of the month holds precious memories for many people. But to me, this very day reminds me of: someone has turned OLDER. Hahaha... Don't kill me ya?

Xin is one of my dearest, yet longest friend ever. She's my cousin in fact. A thought just came through my mind. We grew up together ever since you were born. We lived under the same roof for 5 years? We stayed just doors away now. We went to the same school. We shop, we played Barbie, we yak, we share, we go on holidays, we kick each other, we tolerated each other? ... It's amazing till now we're still like that. For 19 years!! Hahaha... this is my first time ever baking a birthday cake for you. Your requested strawberry mousse birthday cake!

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

Glad you liked it.

p/s: Soon I'll be welcoming you to the 20's club. =)

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