Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bye Bye Summer

Alright. I've been gone long enough. Far too long this time.

I finally found a lil time to do some updating. You might have guessed that my classes have begun. Really begun. Time to say goodbye to summer, and welcome autumn with a big "hello". To tell the truth, I'm not very keen on getting back to uni. Not that I hate uni that much, I do miss the companionship that my uni friends provide. It's just that the thought of projects, assignments and exams puts me off. Sigh... Not even a month have passed by and I'm already missing my summer holidays. Aaaaa~~ I want my summer back.

I'm actually not supposed to be here ranting. I'm currently cracking my head writing:

I'm no pro at programming. I'm still learning. I guess anyone who churned their brains for these would want to crap in their blogs!

I've got tonnes of photos and happenings of this month that's been long overdue. Emails and questions that have not been answered. I know some of you are waiting for your photos to be up and been pestering me to update. Haha... I have not forgotten. My apologies for the long delay. I'll reply to your emails and post your photos accordingly by this weekend ok? So look out for them ya?

Ok, I have to get back to my work.

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