Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm alright now

This will be a short post. I'm going out shopping in awhile. Just a brief update of what has been going on around the kitchen since my recovery. Hehehe... It feels sooo good being able to bake and to destroy the kitchen once again.

Lately, my family and friends have been telling me that I should sell my cakes and pastries. I have been making and giving all these years. And they said I should get some cash as pocket money. I don't know... I did gave it a thought, but somehow, I don't have the heart to really do so. Earning money from friends seemed weird to me. *shrugs*
I guess a better option might be working part time at a bakery.

Anyway, I made some blueberry cheese tarts 2 days back. I gave them out to family and friends as usual.

And off they went~

Hope they liked it.


De Pianist said...

ehh..where's my share?din see any blueberry tart sent for me

Sue Sue said...

Like the way you package your blueberry tart. What a great idea from you. Keep up the goodwork.

fc said...

I think you should definitely consider working at a bakery!

WokkingMum said...

OMG! They are lovely!
You can start taking online orders. A lot of people are doing it. You are so good at baking, sure can make it. Work in bakery very sian leh. Do the same thing everyday especially if it's a big bakery, you will be assign to do only a certain job. Cant show your talent leh. Consider your own online bakery shop lah. :)

WokkingMum said...

And hope you have recovered liao. ;)

jaecywong said...

u're really good in baking n stuffs! u should a open a bakery!! :)

u can make ur orders through blog too!!! XD

i know there are a few people do that... :) example: cupcakes!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Wow.. they look really very yummy!! Is it easy to make? Where did u get the recipe?

Kimiko said...

Online bakery? Sounds cool! Haha... will think bout this. Have to have permission granted as well from parents. XD But most likely I will since I have started an extremely small scale business from home. Not much though. Hehe... but online bakery, who knows?

Kev: these tarts are easy to make. Just time consuming. The recipe for this was handed down to me from a relative of mine. *winks*

Cecilia Yong said...

Wahhh Malaysian Egg Tarts... I seriously miss them... it costs like $1.40 per egg tart and they totally suck!!!!! SEND THEM TO ME CAN!!!!