Thursday, August 16, 2007

Carrot Cake, Chicken Feet & Liqueur

We visited my grandma again at uncle Mike's place last weekend. She's aging a lot but anyhow, she seemed fine. I made some langues-de-chat and a carrot cake for my uncle... in exchange for a pot of his super heavenly yummy kai kiok. Yes, I love chicken feet. And only kai kiok cooked by him are the best. My brother used to dislike chicken feet until he had a taste of this. And boy, did I REGRET giving him to try. I now have a competitor.

I remember about a year ago my uncle told me to bake a carrot cake for him and said he'll cook me a pot of kai kiok. I never knew how to make a good carrot cake until now. I frosted the cake with my own concoction of cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese, icing sugar, butter, and orange zest, tasting along the way. The frosting turned out pretty good. I had some leftover frosting and decided to decorate the cake a bit. Hehehe... mini carrot border.

Some big, some small.

Ready to trade. Finally, I got to eat my favourite kai kiok! And to uncle Mike, his carrot cake! Good trade isn't it?

When we arrived, we were greeted by a very lively welcoming party: 5 shih tzus!

Zorro and Uno.

My, they have grown so much! Sorry there aren't any photos of the kai kiok, chicken rice and the other dishes. I was too busy stuffing myself with kai kiok. Mmmm~

I like that mini cherry glass.

After we had our dinner and my kai kiok, we ate the cake, cookie, pulasan, ume, drank green tea and liqueur. That liqueur was something different. I was actually amazed with it. It was a milk-coffee liqueur, a product of Ireland. Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur Original.

One side milk, one side coffee. Pretty cool.

It came in a very unique bottle. The milk and coffee were separated! And when you pour it out, both coffee and milk comes out simultaneously! Non drip some more. Easy to pour, so nice to drink with ice.

2 layers. Ying yiong or Michael Jackson?

Give it a light swirl before drinking. *hic* *hic* very very delicious too! *hic* It tasted something like frappucino, with alcohol. *hic*


WokkingMum said...

OMG! Your carrots are sooooo cute!!

Kimiko said...

thank you =)

Bell said...

MmMmMmm Carrot Cake. Cute carrots! You use icing pump or something else? and OoOooOoh!!! Doggies!!! *in love* Love Sheridan too! Oh! Love everything here!!! LoL

Kimiko said...

I used the usual plastic piping bag fitted with a nozzle. The same type i used for my cat's tongue cookies.

hehehe.. do enjoy ur visit here. lol (like some tourist guide only. haha!)

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Chicken feet! eeee... take it away from me! LOL... yup.. that's my reaction to it.. don't think I will ever wanna try it in my

wow.. carrot cake! and those little carrots looks like real ones too!