Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sugar frenzy

Hooray! The cake I mentioned previously is completed finally! The whole kitchen was nicely 'blessed' with sugar for the past 3 days. Sugar here, sugar there, sugar everywhere! Hehe... The place had such sweet scent. Amazingly no ants. *Phew*

This cake is for my grandpa's birthday. My grandpa is the typical chinese person. Must have rice. Only use chopsticks. Loves high-pitched-voice oldies. He doesn't like buttercream and it was tough thinking up a cake that could survive the long journey. And I wanted something different. Something I have never done before to any of his birthday cakes. End up, I baked his favourite prune cake decorated with sugar cherry/peach blossoms (supposedly to be la) that I've been making for the past 2 days! I know, I'm slow.

And messy.

The cake turned out pretty much the way I wanted it to be except for the flowers. They don't look like cherry blossoms at all. *sobs*

They resembled more like I-dunno-what flowers.

I hope he'll have a pleasant surprise.


=jaecywong= said...

the flowers are beautiful alrite? n the whole cake looks so tidy n neat n all!! u r so pro in cake making!!! envy envy!

Kimiko said...

you're so kind jaecy. I'm still not a pro yet. hehe... still newbie =P I guess I expected too much from myself >.<

WokkingMum said...

Oh my! It's lovely!! I don't believe you are not Pro!

Kimiko said...

thanks! =) really not pro le... my cheery blossoms dont look like cherry blossoms at all. *sobs*

lasilasi said...

the flowers are really sweet!! i never seen such beautiful decorations in a normal cake shop - only on wedding cakes from good and expensive cake shop!

Sue Sue said...

Hey you are good at decorating cake ya. Do you learn all these by yourself or u sign up a course to learn it ?

Kimiko said...

lasilasi: thank u =) yea, cakes covered in sugar icing are pretty rare due to our humid climate, apart from the amount of time consumed. Hehe... Wedding cakes are more commonly covered in such icing as it gives that elegant touch, lasts longer and "something different than the usual cream deco". ^_~

sue sue: I wouldn't call it a course since it was only a 4 hours of basics from my cousin. *laughs* She's a pastry chef. Most of my inspirations and techniques came from her, books and web sites.