Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strawberry Attack!

Strawberries are at their best during summer. However, living in Malaysia does not limit us from enjoying our very own strawberries as well as imported ones. Recently I went to Tesco and was surprised to find strawberries from Egypt! I never knew strawberries grew there. I bought a large punnet and regretted. Not because they were bad but... I went home and found more strawberries in the fridge! My aunt recently had a vacation at Cameron Highlands and gave us 5 punnets! Plus mine, 6 punnets in total!!

I can sell strawberries by now. Or eat them all and the next day. I couldn't decide what to do with them and try out the Egyptian strawberry first. Surprisingly, they were so much juicier, sweeter and firmer. Not to mention triple the size of our Cameron ones. Hmm... I have a mix of sweet and sour, firm and mushy, large and tiny. Strawberry mousse would be good. A strawberry cake would be lovely too! Or maybe... just maybe... a combination of both!

Hehe... after a lil lookup in my collection, I used up some of the strawberries, both Egypt's and Cameron's, and turned them into a rich, melt-in-the-mouth strawberry mousse cake. I learned this from a chef long ago and it has been a favourite of mine.

Tadaaaahh!~ The Strawberry Mousse Cake slice.

I am still left with 2 punnets!

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Jun jUn XVII said...

hey!nice cake!got try choco dip wif strawberry b4?it is juz as gud as dis!luckily i ad my breakfast adi..or my saliva will wash out da computer.,
JuN jUn