Monday, July 30, 2007


Thank you soooo much for the concern! Really appreciated all your home-remedies for flu. Y'know ? The best remedy of all was your concern! Arigato gozaimasu!~

Being ill was no fun at all! I felt trapped in a nightmare! No yummy food. Can't bake. Horrible medicine and eeeyuuucckk porridge and soft food for 4 freaking days!

The most hated routine

I hate drinking cough syrup. It was supposedly to have a friendly fruity mix flavour as indicated on the label. But NOOOOOO! It was awful. Tasted like.... cough medic. 3 times a day some more! Bugger.

I wasn't able to find Echinacea nor would I dare try a "tall glass of medicated bitter tea" as suggested by lasilasi and the latter by Dan. Sorry la Dan. I'd rather take that cough syrup than a big big glass of bitterness. However I did try out Ming's reflexology technique for hands. I can't positively say it helped cleared my blocked nose, but I do feel relaxed after that.

Unfortunately, my voice has changed due to the sore throat. It has gone rather croaky... like a frog. Or a duck? Lol! I did drink lots of water and honey water and still doing so. I guess it didn't prevent sore throat but it helped to lessen the itch and soreness. Not to forget the numerous times of visits to the loo. *Ahem* Without water, I guess I'd have lost my voice! *shrugs* Touch wood... Anyhow, my voice is recovering slowly. Don't get a shock when you hear a froggie at the other end of the line.


bloomingtree said...

porridge is yuuuucky to me at any time. never liked them..dunno why.

*get well soon*

=jaecywong= said...

eee... the cough syrup look yucky!! btw, y not drink pei pa kou? all those pharmacy/ watsons/ chinese medicine also got.. my fave drink ever!! n when i have coughs, i will always drink loads of it.. hehehe as an excuse lar. :P really nice.. u can add it to cold water too!! very soothing ! try it!! u will not regret~

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

heya! u know how I sometimes cure my cough? Sometimes work only lar.. cos when I'm about to cough I'll know it as my throat gets very irritated or funny. So, I purposely surpress the cough.. don't let it cough for as long as possible. first few trys only surpressed for a few sec.. then it become longer.. and then when one day I will find myself well already! So that's what I usually do to overcome it. Wasted money to see doc jus cos of a toopid cough.. =)

Kimiko said...

dan: same here! a lot loved porridge... but not me, not u. Lolz

jaecy: oh ya! I've totally forgotten about pei pa kou! They're much better tasting than cough syrups, works as well too. And I thought I'm the weird one who adds cold water to it. Love that menthol effect =P Hehe... Thanks for reminding me of them =)

Kev: Wah... surpress them >_< Don't seem easy to me.