Thursday, July 19, 2007

Late Night Snacking

Yes, I do snack... at night. I'm guilty of it. I have my dinner everyday, on time and eat normally. For some reason my stomach starts to growl around midnight and it's.... SUPPER time! How I wish I could have tossai and teh-o-limau ais at the nearest mamak stall. Or maybe hot chocolate with brownies! Mmmm~

Sadly, I'm not allowed to go out after midnight. It's 2am now and I'm hungry. And this innocent looking yellow coloured cup caught my attention.

3 minutes later....

I just had to.

ps: I'm neither rolly polly nor suffering from eating disorder. I'm just hungreeee~


De Pianist said...

your late night snack is my breakfast in the plane this morning..hahaha..

Kimiko said...

plane?? lol!