Monday, July 2, 2007

The Good and The Bad

-To all that frequent this blog, sorry for not keeping everyone updated. I appreciate your every visits. Muaxxxxxx!-

A lot of things happened during my absence from blogging. There are times when I feel really lucky and all things good happen to me. And whenever there is goodness, there will bound to be something bad waiting to pounce on me. Ever noticed how unfortunate situations being enlightened later on with good news, and vice versa? Thus, this is my story.

Last Thursday me, hotaru and friends went for a short vacation at Genting. This leisure trip was planned months ago. We met up at KL Sentral and board the Genting Express bus. The journey there was rather smooth until we arrived at First World Hotel lobby. In all my trip to Genting, I have never seen such a huge crowd! It was 2.45pm. I took a queue number... 647, looked at the electronic queue board... the current queue number: 415!

We waited and waited and waited... finally checked in at 4.20pm! First World Hotel beds have never been so comfy since. Our rooms at the 20th floor had a lovely view of the theme park. Everything seemed so tiny down below.

Nice cool day. Somehow, it felt peaceful just watching from up there. We didn't head for the theme park. Not the indoor theme park too. We went straight for the casino. I was inspected as usual by the guards. I'm old enough ok. Just look young only. And I'm proud of it. Hehehe... *Ahem* Photo taking was not allowed in there. Else it would be nice to be able to show all the hustle and bustle in there. It almost resembled pasar malam. Hardcore gamblers were everywhere! The facial expressions shown by those aunty-uncle are scary. Basic mannerism was absent. They do not care who you are, young and old behaved and treated each other alike. Pushing and shoving were common. It would be my lucky day if someone in the casino actually said "excuse me". And to them, money DO grow on trees.

The only thing I played was Roulette. It's amusing watching them build replicas of KL towers on every number. And for me? No 'kl tower' nor RM 100 bungalows. I build my RM 10 house on someone's Eiffel Tower. Thanks to his tower, I got back RM 80.... twice! Thank you Uncle Lim for sponsoring my stay and treating us to a nice bak kut teh dinner. At least we didn't have any Maggi Mee for a day.

The next day, we went back to the casino once more. I played little this time. Mainly watching gamblers placing extremely large sum of money on the table to play. *Sigh...* If only they'd just give me. At night about 10.15pm, we headed to the cinema to watch Transformers. OH MY GAWD!! The movie is freaking GOOD!

I thought it'll be like the cartoon. Only difference is in 3D. But Noooo... I was wrong. Simply beautiful effects! Loved bumblebee. Begining was a little slow, but later on there were lots and lots of action! Hot cars, cool effects, good humor, cute bumblebee... and a sexy babe.


After the movie, I called home to give my usual report of the day. This time however, the usual reminders were forgotten. Winning RM200 seemed nothing afterall. The excitement from Transformers no longer in my mind. Bad news had to come. My brother fractured his hand. He trip on the stairs in school and fell like superman. Right hand first. He had to undergo a surgery to mend his broken right palm. Apparently, the bone connecting to his little finger was broken into pieces! 3 wires were fixed into his palm to hold every bit together. Ouch...

Why can't young boys stay out of trouble? Trouble seemed to be their middle name. He's out of the hospital the day I came home from Genting. He is alright now, but sadly, he will not be able to use his right hand for at least 6 months. 6 months!!!! SPM is near and I can't bare to think of his future.

The shock seemed to have settled down. I am back from Genting and will be blogging again as usual. I guess it's time to pray and buang sui. Hopefully nothing bad will happen again.


=jaecywong= said...

yea transformer was awesome! and we just adore bumblebee huh? so cute~ anywayz, sorry for wat happened to ur brother~ :) i'll pray for u~ suehness! be gone!! XD

Kimiko said...

hehe.. they did bumblebee very well. thanks jaecy =)

sudheer said...

aiyo...sorry to hear about ur bro...but on a lighter note...transformers was awesome and megan fox was HOOTTTT!! i mean...they could've taken out all the robots and i wouldnt care...cause she's AWESOME!!

Poonky said...

oh someone dint update coz went to genting..ohhh