Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Sushi Are You?

Was surfing the great www awhile ago. I stumbled upon this quirky personality test... just to see what sushi am I actually related to. Lolz! The things that people can come up with.

Anyway, this quiz asks very little questions. I got spicy tuna roll. It isn't too bad. Except that I don't quite like tuna. Oh well... It says I'm still normal but unusual at times. I did try answering that quiz differently the second time to see what other stuffs they had. Interesting, but the descriptions do not portray a personality well and pictures are blek too. I guess it's just for fun and for the sake of people like me who has nothing else better to do.

What kind of sushi are you?

Spicy Tuna

A little on the normal side, but with some kick. You might take after your parents, but you have your own originality.

Personality Test Results

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De Pianist said...

lolz...mine's California Roll.the sushi i love most also.but it doesn't really match with my personality also.ha

Poonky said...

im not even a sushi..they said im WASABI! alamak...haha

Kimiko said...

wasabi! lolx!

fc said...

Mine is spicy tuna roll too! Weird! I don't usually eat tuna.

Kiyoko said...

I'm A pickle roll -_-