Sunday, June 3, 2007


Animes have an impact on me especially when it comes to food or those super kawaii accessories. Everytime after watching Kanon 2006, I'm always left with curiousity. Not at how the story goes or how did they draw those perfectly beautiful sceneries. All that goes into my head was... How does taiyaki taste like?

Taiyaki, 鯛焼き, is a Japanese fish-shaped pasty filled with sweet azuki bean paste. Taiyaki literally means baked sea bream. The way it is made is somewhat similar to waffles, only difference is that taiyaki is made in a fish-shaped mould and has red bean filling. In the anime, taiyaki is Tsukimiya Ayu's favourite. Uguu~~

I was lucky enough to spot frozen taiyaki at Jusco Supermarket. It's a little pricey but to actually make one at home is more costly. The reason is neither the ingredients nor the time it consume, but the mould. The mould itself costs a bomb and are only sold in Japan.

So anyway, I bought a pack of 5, thawed it and heat it up. The air in the kitchen had a hint of sweetness. Once done they look like goldfish. Nice and golden.

To my delight, they're pretty good but a bit on the too-sweet side. These fishies are crunchy on the outside but are nice and soft on the insides. Both the dough and beans are sweet. Texture of the paste is quite coarse and I could feel the beans. Nice contrast with the smooth dough.

Me: *Crunch*
Taiyaki: Aaaa! My head!!

Overall, it's nice. I finally know how taiyaki tastes like. Would I eat again? You bet! But not so often la. Expensive le for 5 fish! Uguu~

ps: Uguu~ is an expression that Ayu likes to use unconsciously.

Edit (4/5/07): I think sweet ham chi peng and waffles are the closes resemblance to taiyaki.


geneoga said...

Taiyaki.... yum yum... looks so good. *tummy growls*

babyfiona said...

issit tasted like doraemon's biscuit?

Kimiko said...

nope. dorayaki (doraemon's biscuit^^) is soft. dorayaki is almost similar to 2 hot cakes/thick pancakes with smooth red bean paste.

taiyaki is like... sweet waffles or sweet 'ham chi peng' with coarse red bean paste. still can see and feel the beans. =)

De Pianist said...

oh bean paste..anything to do with beans or nuts,i don't like it..haha..=p..but the goldfish looks cute and delicious though..hehehe..

=jaecywong= said...

u should watch yakitate japan!!!!!

geneoga said...

FOOD!! help!! dorayaki, taiyaki! :)

Kimiko said...

pauline: i've heard of chocolate, peanut butter and sausage fillings for taiyaki b4. i think chocolate would be yummier~ =P

jaecywong: hehe.. bread anime =P i've watched a few episodes b4.

gin: ^^"

babyfiona said...

aiya..u making me more curios ler..