Sunday, June 24, 2007


Every girl loves to shop. It doesn't matter if I'm actually buying things or just window shopping, wishing I could own them. The whole idea of shopping is FUN! I get to see, admire, touch, play, eeee and waaa at various new things. And all fun things comes to an end when this famous poem sets into reality.

Nice to see, nice to hold,
Once broken, considered sold.

Or when that person beside me starts to get bored. But when it's that other person's turn to shop, I'll be the same too. I guess everyone is like that.

Shopping for clothes, jewellery, shoes, books etc etc etc is okay for me. I don't mind. But when I'm at the kitchen ware section or supermarket, my eyes will gleam, my heart flutters and I actually get excited! I like to shop for food. Haha... However, ask me to go to the wet market, I'll say "forget it".

Today for instance, my parents and I went to Tesco to do our monthly shopping, buying household items and fresh goods. The prices there are relatively alright. Some things are cheaper, some things are not. So it's better to survey all the supermarket or market around the area before buying. Making a shopping list do help a lot too. Unless you're like me who's towards the anything goes motto, then anything will also end up into the trolley. Vegetables, bread, junk food, sweets, canned food and drinks, nice smelling soaps and shampoos, cute cute Winnie the Pooh tissue paper box... the list goes on and on. And so did the bill.

A few of the things from a loaded trolley.


Poonky said...

let see what u got there..vono mushroom instant soup, gardenia, maggie mee and cup, MSM gula halus, coffee and ...

hm..the round shape things looks like my fav ..pita bread? got a lot of ways eating it :P

Kimiko said...

haha.. that's just a few of the food bought. pita bread rocks! =P

Poonky said...

yeah yeah pita bread rocks ~~~ n tasty too if we toast that bread on hot pans

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah i loved pita bread too
tesco klang rock!!!!!!

Sudheer said...

tesco seremban better wey!! haha

Kimiko said...

Lolz! Tesco area war XD