Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Garcinia Mangostana. What? It's the scientific name for mangosteen! They're in season again! Look out for fruit stalls along the highway, road, alleys and shop houses! Mangosteen appearance is dark reddish-purple and has a sweet-sour taste. Mangosteen is known as the "Queen of Fruits" while durian is known as the "King of Fruits", and both are popular Asian fruits.

Mangosteen is said to have cooling properties. Neither a round purple ice cube nor does it gove put cool air la. But we, practically Chinese people, believe that those who suffers from heatiness should eat and drink food/drinks that contains cooling properties. If I have not mistaken, this has something to do with our body ying-yang balance.

Apart from science and believes, my mum showed an amusing discovery of hers. Take a mangosteen and look at its bottom. See the flower pattern? She said that the number of 'petals' of that flower pattern is equivalent to the number of segments contained in the fruit. It was hard to believe and nonetheless, I counted it.

So I see its backside, found the flower, and counted its petals. Sounds terrible? *Ahem* So, this had 6. When this is opened...

????!!! 1, 2, 3... nice juicy feller... 4... 5... 6!! It has exactly 6 segments! This must be a coincidence! Naaaah!!~
Mum: Don't believe me yet?
Me: I'll try one more time.
*Picks out another from the basket*

Ok. I look at its backside again. A very nicely bloomed flower. But this time, there are 5 'petals'. Time to peel it...

1... 2... wah so fat!... 3... 4... 5!! Oh my! It's really 5 segments!

The next time you eat mangosteen, look at its backside, *Ahem* bottom. If its not the same, inform me ya? Hehe... And if it's the same, remember, my mum discovered it. Unless someone else discovered it first. Let me know too. Hehe...
Happy trying it out!

ps: 100% guaranteed they will be the same. It's scientifically proven.


De Pianist said...

actually i alr discovered it when i was in Standard 4,my bro told me about this geh..hehehe..=p.

sigh..mangosteen,the fruit i love the most d..drooling...=.=

babyfiona said...

nice! Normally, I only care to eat hehehe :p

Poonky said...

dont really long as sweet :P i love it liow haha

WokkingMum said...

Interesting discovery

Blur Mommy said...

Hmm.. very interesting fact abt the flower & segment. Never knew that. I miss mangosteen!!! : (