Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's OK

I may sound like a glutton but rather, I'm quite picky with what I eat. One food that I dislike since young and till now is.... Porridge. I don't know why, but eating porridge is a big turn off for me. I'm picky with porridge (since I don't like) and very very few selected ones will actually go into my tummy. Not even those cooked by my mum *unless she forces me OR that speacialy made one*. I'm so fussy.

My family liked the porridge served in this restaurant located along Jalan Imbi. I refused to eat at first. However, I finally gave in to the strong aroma of chicken and yau char guai. I found out that the porrdge served at this Restoran OK is actually okay! It fits my porridge criteria well.

It's still boiling!

The chicken porridge itself is so smooth and you hardly any grains. It is served piping hot in a large claypot, accompanied by your choice of steamed chicken, condiments and yau char guai.

We also had stir-fried beansprouts and spicy lala (clams) along with it. The dishes we had are tasty and good. The only drawback is that their yau char guai is rather tough and chewy.

Beansprouts with ham yee (dried salted fish)

Lalalalala~ Chopsticks flying in~

Photos are a bit dark and blurry. I can't help it. We had that alfresco and the lightings were quite dim.

ps: I've got an ad by Nuffnang! Yippie~!


Aaron Chua said...

Yeah me too!
I'm don't like porridge. But I do eat some good ones.
I also got Nuffnang ad! Yippie! lol~

De Pianist said...

but i love porridge o..sometimes my mum even put scallops into it,or maybe cook fish porridge,very nice.haha..

but now i really miss it so much,just couldn't really get nice porridge in here..sigh...=.=

geneoga said...

arrgh..!! porridge. only those cooked by my mum and some selected ones outside which is pretty rare. must hav quality control for my tummy as well. :)

geneoga said...

congrats on ur nuffnang. I'm getting bored of it. :(

Kimiko said...

aaron: *hi 5*

Pauline: scallops and fish makes the porridge very sweet~ Mmm... i miss my mum's fish porridge too =(

gin: haha... another picky eater =P thanks gin. hope there'll be 1 for u soon. =)

babyfiona said...

I LOVES porridge! especially those you cant find any grain left inside hehehe. Smooth and yummy!