Sunday, June 10, 2007

Full Moon

Just today my family celebrated the first month of my baby nephew. This occasion is known as full moon (mun yit) to the chinese. It is different from baby showers. Full moon is celebrated in order to announce the baby's arrival. Traditionally, ang koo and red hard boiled egges are served during the baby's full moon. The ang koo is believed to bring longevity and prosperity to the baby. Whereas the red eggs are to symbolise new life and good luck. If you're wondering what Ang koo is, it is a type of chinese sweet pasty made from glutinous rice and is usually filled with green bean paste. These rice cakes are said to resemble the shell of a tortoise, thus it is named koo in chinese.

*Ahem* Back to my nephew's full moon. I don't know how to make ang koo but I made a cake instead. It's the only thing I'm capable of currently. Hehe... Westernes give a baby shower cake, and here is my first time creation for a baby-themed cake.

Everything is made of fondant and the whole cake AND decorations are edible. The cake itself is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache filling. The cake is then covered in fondant icing and decorated. The teddy bear, rubber duck, blanket, ball, and baby blocks took 3 days to dry! The bear didn't get a chance to dry completely till now though. Haha...

Pretty time consuming but it was fun sculpturing the bear, duck and all. And well... they did not survive long. They're already in little children's stomach .

Last but not least,
Welcome to the world Xavier!


ipohchai said...

the cake was so cute

De Pianist said...

OMG!!!it's soooooo cute!!i don't feel like eating the cake already after seeing those cute lil're superb!how did you actually sculp them?

babyfiona said...


=jaecywong= said...

omigod so cute!! i wan!!

-ritchie- said... so cute..can'e beliff u can make such a cute cake

geneoga said...

wow.. the cake is so beautiful. Ang koo for full moon celebration actually have 2 different shapes. One is like you mentioned, the shape of tortoise, the other is rounded shape like a ball. There's a meaning to this. The ball shaped means that it's a celebration for baby boy. If you see all tortoise, then it's a baby girl celebration. :)

daN's PortaL said...

Wow, ok all ur commenters seem to be overly excited abt ur cake. well could tell how much effort u put into getting the cake done. Fabulous!! Am sure this is yet the best from u. Can't wait to see more interesting cakes from u in the future.

Kimiko said...

ipohchai: thanx XD

pauline: hehe... thanks! =) it was hard to cut the cake. heart ache when the cake was cut up. lolz! well... a bit of planning n sketching was done before bulding the actual cake. it's something similar to playing PlayDoh. hehe..

babyfiona: i like the duckie most XD

jaecy: XD

ritchie: hehe.. first time make and hopefully there'll be more nicer ones to come. XD

gin: Oo.. no wonder the ang koo i saw was more rounded than usual. Haha... thanks for the info!

dan: thank you =) hopefully there will b more to come.

WokkingMum said...

Soo cute!!!