Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of my course. Time really flies when I'm having so much fun! I'm gonna miss my friendly coursemates, cheerful chefs and the sweet aroma of the kitchen. Today is the day to head back home. For the graduation night, each of us were assigned to decorate a cake flamboyantly. Well... flamboyant might be a lil too strong. Haha... It's more of a same style wedding-themed cake using sugar paste/fondant and all the skills we've mastered.

The most difficult part was doing the embroidery... vertically! This drive me nuts as I don't have much patience. It was painstakingly long to create them. Anyhow, the effort to decorate this cake really paid off. Not as pro as my favourite Pink Cake Box, but I love what I did. Hehe... *blush*

The graduation night was held very nicely. The night was filled with food. And I kid you not. Haha... Or is it that all I noticed was the grand display of pastries and dishes and... *ahem* cute butlers?

An extremely yummy carrot cake. I ate so much of these!

Peek-a-boo~ Cute guys serving drinks

Lovely strawberry cheesecake and brownies. Mmm~

Whee~ Our cakes are on display too

Mouth watering lamb

Eclairs, fruit tarts, choux pastry, sponge cake, mousse...

Argh! There's so much good food but I only have ONE stomach!! I enjoyed everything that I ate except for the bbq stingray. It was still rare. Sigh... So much yummy food I could not try. I dont wanna go home!!


WokkingMum said...

Wow! Your cake looks ... WOW!!

Kimiko said...


babyfiona said...

WOW! your cake is lovely! can do one for my birthday ;p

Kimiko said...

when is ur birthday? XD