Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dead tired

Making 3 cakes in a stretch gives me a bad back ache! Nooo~ It's the sign of old age. Haha... If you're wondering, 2 of the cakes were to be done in buttercream. The other was a fondant covered cake specially for my newborn nephew. Gosh! I'm really old! It feels awkward being called 'aunty' at this age.

Anyway, here's one of the cakes I did today. I'll post up the other two cakes tomorrow.

I was taught to create a basket of flowers with buttercream. I know the colours do not complement each other, but I had no choice. My purple cream turned out to be blue.

It was a fun. If we weren't short of time, I think I could do better. At least I'll be able to get my purple coloured cream right. Anyhow, I think I did pretty good for the first time. What do you think?

My bed is calling me now. I've got a long day tomorrow as well... err... today. Zzzzz.... Nitey nite!


~*♥*~ÄmèLïâ~*♥*~ said...

using buttercream??

wowWw...VERY NICE LAA...=) good job..

anyway nice to meet u

Kimiko said...

nice to meet u too =) yes, every bit was done with buttercream. i feel it's too much though. hahaha...

Wokking Mum said...

I die-die also cant do 1/10 of this! Beautiful!

Kimiko said...

at 1st i can't also. practiced a lot for the whole week. haha.. thanks for the compliment! XD