Thursday, June 14, 2007


*This is NOT sponsored. I just love this place and would like everyone to try too *

When I first heard of Chili's Grill and Bar, two things came into my mind. First, it was spicy middle eastern food. And secondly, it's nothing but a hot pub. I don't know why. Maybe the humongous bright red chili right in front of their doorstep. I'm not very fond of spicy food nor pubs, which made me avoid this place. And when I actually saw their menu and clarified my ignorance, the price put me off. Until... a friend of mine held a birthday party there. Since then, Chili's has become my favourite place. All 3 outlets that I've been, Mid Valley, KLCC and Bangsar are the same. Hehe...

Recently, I had Chili's for lunch with mum and bro. And my favourite dish? Lamb Shoulder. Nice, tender and juicy. I could even have it the way I like, medium rare. I've tried both of their lamb dishes. And I usually rotate these 2 dishes at every visit. I love lamb.

Mum had this dish with rice, grilled chicken breast and sweet succulent prawns. I kept on stealing her prawns. I can't help it. I love good prawns and they marinated it damn freaking well.

My bro had this chicken fingers and fries for lunch. His lunch was safe from me. I was too busy savouring mine and the prawns. Those who've been there might wonder. Why didn't I take their must try Triple Platter? Simple. I don't quite like it. They used a herb that I dislike in the rolls. I know it's a must try for everyone, but it didn't suit my tastebuds. Hehe...

Octopus look alike?

Finally after dozens of visits, I get to try out their molten chocolate cake. If you're like me who is a die hard chocoholic and have sweet tooth, don't miss this out. The cake is very sweet, luscious, chocolaty and somehow its sweetness was tamed by its warmth and cold vanilla ice cream. Very nice contrast. Dig in and let the molten chocolate sip into the cake. Every bite was cloud 9 for me. I'd recommend that don't be greedy. Their serving sizes are pretty large. Haha... Remember, sharing is caring. Unless... you can whack this alone.

The only drawback was the waiting time for the food to be served. Other than that, I truely enjoyed myself there.


Sekarindo Bakti group said...

yem...yem...very deliciouse. give me..I'm very hungry

geneoga said...

molten chocolate cake... yummy! gimme my chocolate !