Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had trouble sleeping last night and actually woke up at 4am from my sanctuary! It's not because of insomia. Believe it or not, the whole night I kept thinking of onigiri and bento. I'm quirky. Maybe I've been looking at cute cooking sites and books with a feeling of awe. For instance and WokkingMum's for her kids section. They gave me the inspiration to try making some cute meals. And I did... boiling rice at 4 am! Bento is a japanese version of lunch boxed meals or tapau food. And being equipped with only small tupperwares, this gave me an idea of compacting the rice into onigiri.

My horribly triangular shaped onigiri.

I made 3 bento, one for dad, mum and bro. My onigiri had no fillings. I just flavoured it with some seasoning I bought the other day which comprises of umeboshi (pickled plums), seaweed and bonito flakes. Papercups were used to seperate food, be it wet food or dry food. This is to prevent dry food from getting soggy or getting 2 different flavours mixed up.

Simple Bento for 3

3 portions of cooked Japanese rice (warm)
Your choice of seasoning
3 eggs
1 carrot
Some frozen edamame (soy beans)
3 strawberries
A few sheets of nori (roasted seaweed)
A bowl of cool boiled water
Some papercups of various sizes
3 containers - tupperware, bento boxes... anything!
Optional - tsukemono (pickles), wasabi

  1. Chop the carrot into long thin strips.
  2. In a pot of boiling water, add 3/4 tbsp salt and carrots. Cook the carrot till soft. Drain the carrot strips and set aside.
  3. In another pot of boiling water, add 1/2 tbsp salt and frozen edamame. Cook for about 1 minute, drain and toss in a little salt to taste. Set aside.
  4. Hard boil the eggs, peel off the shells and let it cool.
  5. In a large bowl, fluff up the rice and mix in some seasoning to desired taste. Divide it into 6 equal parts.
  6. Wet your clean hands with the cool boiled water. Take one part of the rice and compress it to shape like a triangle, round disc or ball shaped onigiri. Wrap it with a strip of nori. Wet your hands before making the next onigiri to prevent things from getting messy.
  7. Arrange the carrots, edamame, egg, pickles, strawberry and onigiri into containers or special bento boxes.

I went back to sleep at 6am. Hope they liked their bento for office breaks and recess time.


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

hu.... ah......!
wa.......wai....e...... a
des neh...........

Wokking Mum said...

Wah! NICE! and cute chicks! ;)

alexiolim said...

wa... ur egg.... ur EGG!!!
is sooooo kawaii la!

no video on how u make those egg?!?!
shot video of it la.
feel like wanna make it for some1 special. haha.

De Pianist said...

oh my!so cute those chicks!!!!!

geneoga said...

again.. yummy!
u got new ads on nuffnang!

I wan bento set.. courier to me! :P

leonard leao said...

Wow...I hope nobody makes any bento for me...they are soo pretty, I don't think I can eat them...hahahaha...kidding...

Anyway, u must have spent a lot of time doing those eggs! De Pianist a.k.a Pauline once gave me a mag's clipping of bento shaped like cats (cause i'm a feline freak)...they are sooooo kawaii neh!

Cool blog u have here...keep the good food coming!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. ur egg is so so cute!!! How can one bear to eat it!

Kimiko said...

pisang: *took some time to figure it out* oh... it's kawaii des ne! Hahaha... =P

wokking mum: Thanks! I think your chicks are cuter. =)

alexiolim: no video at the moment. hehe... you just gave me an idea. Will make this video for u soon^^.

Pauline: Thanks =)

Gin: When u come KL lemme know la. Haha..

leonard leao: Cat bento? Wah.. must be very cute! Wished I can see it too. =) I did took some time to carve the first egg. Even when they wanted to eat the eggs! Haha...

Kev: It was hard at first. *giggles*

lasilasi said...

can i be your family member?

it's so cute and it must have warmed up their stomach! u r really sugeh!