Monday, May 7, 2007

Pan mee

Almost every Thurday after a 3 hours of tiresome lab session, Merv, Wykit & their gang without fail will invite me for lunch to this quaint lil stall. I came to know of this small village when I knew these guys about a year back. This stall only opens after 12pm and closes by 2/3pm. The best part is, it's located just about 5 meters away from the Selangor/Negeri Sembilan state border. Pretty fun though. Just step over and you're already in Broga, N.Sembilan. It has been a few weeks since I came here. This time, only hotaru and me.

Honestly, it doesn't even look like a shop at all. An open-air place with only 6 large stone tables and stools under its roof. No fan, no table cloth, nothing. Leave luxury behind. Just a basket of plastic cutlery on each table. You'd have to approach these 2 aunties and ah pak to place an order. And be prepared to be forgotten.

I still remember being told that the best pan mee can be found here. Cheap and good. I've tried many and this has been my favourite since. Well... of course mum's home made ones still the best la . They do serve various other dishes, but their most popular ones are kon lou pan mee (pan mee + soy sauce mix) and the usual pan mee in soup. Honestly, you can actually taste the sweetness of REAL ikan bilis (anchovies) in the soup and not salt water.

Simple and yummy. My fav kon lou pan mee~


Mogg said...

wei. the pan mee by bukit jambu penang is damn nice la :)

if u drop by here, you should defientely go try it out :)


Kimiko said...

sure will try it out^^ There thousands more places that have good food which i've not tried. hehe..

Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

Eh Mogg i wanna say that first !!! /shoo /shoo

wei. the pan mee by bukit jambu penang is damn nice la :)

ahaa thats better :)

Kimiko said...

lolz~ penang very far frm here le >_<
it's been quite long since i went there. hopefully will go n try 1 day. ^^