Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not so girly

I'm not that kind of "oh-so-girly" female who plays with make up, dresses and bubble puzzle games nor watches soppy love dramas. So what do I do then? I collect GUNDAMS! You heard that right. If money grow on trees, I would have a large collection of gundams at home. Unfortunately, money don't grow on trees. *Sighs..* I love gundams. I play fighting, robots type games and watches and reads these types of animes too. Call me a tomboy if you must.

Just yesterday, my family went to Berjaya Times Square to watch spidey. I know it's extremely late but that's not the point right? We had 4 hours before the movie starts and wandered around the mall. However, that big big red BANDAI balloon caught my bro's and I attention. A Bandai exhibition is going on there!! Woohoo~ We were in haven!

Lots of Bandai products were on sale. From itsy bitsy toys to large gundam models. Apparently they're having a best gundam model display competition. Lucky us! We get to see and judge (we were self made judges) all those gundam models that were on displayt. There were even a large dwarf gundam mascot. As tall as 160cm!!

The large scale dwarf gundam

These few photos are some of the best gundams that were on display. The details were pretty good. Most of the displays were Strike Freedom gundam. I guess this gundam is the 'in' thing now. I didn't see any of my favourites though. No Deathscythe nor Nu Gundam.

Strike Freedom Gundam

*Sighs..* I wish we could display ours like they do. Makes it looks cool and 'macho'. Hope these guys win

Mini gundams

What's next that really caught my attention were these little tiny food stuffs. They're soooo tiny and detailed!!

Ramen, donuts, cupcakes, fried rice, taiyaki, takoyaki, eggs, onigiri, sauces, cheese, Pitz biscuits (I thought Ritz?) Everything in this food display were much smaller than my thumb's size! How on earth they do that??

We spend almost 2 hours there. Admiring. Most of the collection were pricy. The only things that we bought were those from the slot machines. There were lots of slot machines were we put in tokens, turn the knob, and poof! Your keychains and miniature models in bubbly round capsules. We chose Suzumiya Haruhi themed keychains. They costs RM 8 per capsule!!

Cute Haruhi and Nagato. I wanted Mikuru (red bunny girl) actually.

We also took back some other free merchandises. A free Strike Freedom Gundam plastic file holder.


babyfiona said...

me also same hehehe, Not collecting gundam lar . I mean me also not so girly one. I remember the 1st time, my grandad (passed away edy) was giving out toys . dolls for girls and gun for boys. But ended up, i said i dont want doll and i asked for gun instead ;p

Kimiko said...

haha.. that makes 2 ppl. =P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i love gundam.. yeah
i got the whole collection of

gundam SEED destiny model

so looks nice when put on display it