Saturday, May 26, 2007

Never Too Late

I hope. I've always believed in the phrase, "Better late than never!". And being a last minute person, I've finally participated!

Advertlets is holding this exciting Bloggers' Review Advertlets Program where RM15,000 will be given out to 300 bloggers who review them! Cool huh?

I have registered with Advertlets a few weeks back. Why? Advertlets is not just about random ads only. It allows me to make money through targetted advertising which is relevant to my blog. What's more, they allows us bloggers to get to know our readers better AND get access to free website tools to upgrade my blog further! I for one like their innovative interactive 2-in-1 advertising/polling system. Moreover, my readers are even able to comment in it!

Clickety clickety click~
Hehe... Best of all, I can actually monetize what I love doing!!

I have not earned anything yet as I'm still a newbie. This Review Advertlets program will be a good begining for me! Come join me in this review program. Who knows? You might be one of the lucky ones to earn RM 50! TRY IT! Hurry!! It lasts till end of this month! That's only 4 days away!!!

Too late? NEVER! If you've never tried, you will never know!

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