Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day

A day we honor our mums... well, at least once a year. Have you celebrated with her? If not, at least do wish her. It'll make her day.

We celebrated it last night at Marriott Putrajaya. A very huge, grand and yet cozy enough hotel to feel relaxed. It was around 8pm and the hotel and its surrounding had a twilight feel. Er... It looks haunted from that photo I took. Haha...

We dined at the Terrace Cafe. The buffet spread was really good. From Western food to Indonesian delicacies, every single one of them was delicious! My fav was the cold scald prawns and desserts. Half way through indulging myself, we were further welcomed by a friendly band (band ka?) of guitarists and sang a song for us. This cafe really knows how to pamper ya. Let the photos speak for themselves k?

Happy Mother's Day Okasan! Hope you have enjoyed yourself. Stay young, cool and loveable always!


bloomingtree said...

omg omg omg..suddenly i feel hungry. i go cook mi-in-my-mug now. Lol.

Mums are the best

Kimiko said...

Dan is it~ I thought who. Lolz!
Yup yup, they're d best. =)