Sunday, May 6, 2007

Care to eat WAX?

Almost every restaurant displays their dishes at their front door, well at least a menu, in hopes that it will attract customers. Usually we'll stroll along shopping complexes not realizing any food around... until we get a whiff of laksa, fried chicken, pizza, coffee... or those eye-catchingly cutesy-cute beautifully decorated cakes and desserts. With such strong temptations, we'll end up walking towards that direction. Curious or worst, with a growling stomach, we'll find ourselves browsing the menu or eyeing at their dish-of-the-day, promotion sets and tasting samples laid on a table.

That's a normal. But what if we start to wander off admiring food displays which are not real? We can't taste nor smell it, yet we may drool over it. The details on these wax food are sooo real. Too real till they're able to make us work up our appetite and imagination. How did these ingenious people make it? Here are a few videos (in Japanese) I found on Youtube.



Creativity competition (must watch!!) :

The wax Jap curry looks like my Jap curry hor?
I don't mind buying that ebi furai (prawn coated with breadcrumbs) pen drive and that bento box. Soooooo freaking cute and real!

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