Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Every midnight feeling hungry, you walk down the road to buy a burger or two by the roadside. Have you ever wondered what actually went into those burger patties? Other than the chicken, beef, pork or fish la... Flavour enchancers like MSG and texture improver to get it mouth-wateringly tasty and springy. Lots of preservatives too I presume. Else how can it stay 'fresh' for at least a year? Don't take this too seriously. It is safe to consume. Got approval from Ministry of Health ma... hehe.. Anyway, it's just an opinion of mine that home made ones are better, in the sense of freshness.

I saw this technique on Jamie Oliver's show a year or so ago. I love this guy. He makes cooking simple and easy, apart from his cincai-ness la. He's my inspiration towards cooking.
Simply mince your choice of lean meat, add a bit grounded coriander seeds and cumin, some mixed herbs and grated Parmesan cheese, and salt and black pepper to taste. (Amount depends on your preference) Mix it up. Shape the meat into balls, larger than the buns as it will shrink when cooked. Flatten into disc shape, thinner than usual. It will thicken when shrinked and coat the patty in egg yolk and then in breadcrumbs. Chill in the fridge till firm. When ready, fry in a little oil, turning them carefully until cooked. Serve in buns with salad, fries, cold drinks and volia!!! Home made burgers!

Edit: Too oily? You can grill the patties as well. It'll still be juicy and tender. Follow the same method without coating the patties in egg yolk and breadcrumbs. Once all the patties are shaped, you can put them straight on the grill, or even freeze them for later use. Do feel free to use other spices and flavourings. Some like it spicy, some like it salty, some like it with pickled veggies.

ps: Thinking of buying a burger now leh? Sorry, me cranky tonite.


bloomingtree said...

need to fry in so much oil meh? can grill or not

Kimiko said...

can. i'll edit a bit for grilling method ^_~

bloomingtree said...

:-) good!