Saturday, May 19, 2007

BBQ Nite

Sorry for not updating lately. Been pretty busy this week. Hardly at home. Hehe.. holiday ma.. trying to cram everything that I've been longing to do. Plus there wasn't any electricity the whole of last night. Bloody TNB... didn't sleep well. So hot and stuffy! 

Anyway, had a mini bbq party with my uni buddies on the Thursday, 17th. 9 guys 2 girls. Haha... Buying groceries with the guys was really an experience. Cling wrap can be mistaken for aluminium foil, serai (lemongrass) as coriander, chicken thigh as chicken breast... I had a good laugh. *Sorry la... but it was funny. hehe..* Luckily I had them made a shopping list... else I can just imagine them being lost among the aisles.

Once we completed our shopping, we headed back to Mustaf's place to marinade the chicken and prepare the grill. Thanks Sud for helping me cleaning the chicken. I bet you had fun. I went back home to freshen up and left the rest to the guys. It rained hard just hours before the party and thank god it let down when I went there. The bbq pit was ready. I went straight to the kitchen to prepare the garlic bread and help Sud out with the salad.

*Sniff sniff*
Me: Something's burning. U guys started with d chicken?
Sud: Guess not. It's still in the fridge. Continues tossing the salad.
*Kitchen getting smokier*
Sud: Something's not right...
Mustaf: Water! Water!!!
*Chong & Ammar rushed in with pail & cups. Frantically filling with water and runs out*
Panic. We rushed out to see what happened.
Sud: Wth!! *laughed*
Me: No comments... *started laughing*
Chong: E&E students' work laaa...
Sud: The grill & burning coals on a WOODEN SHOE RACK??

Yeap. They made a mini bonfire. Lucky no one was hurt. Ok, I'm bad at story telling. SO... picture time~!

Apa ni... Chicken oso they burned

*cough cough* so smoky inside!

Aaa... this is more like it!

BBQ chicken, sausages, garlic bread, salad, curly fries...

Thanks guys. Well... other than smelling like chicken, teary eyed, and in danger of getting burned down; I really had a nice time at the party. Hope to have another bbq party with everyone again! Next time, no burning shoe rack ya?


sud said...

haha...who knew cleaning chicken could be so much fun...the shoe rack and the cling wrap...haha...classic wey

-ritchie- said...

look like you having so much fun tat nite..