Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Favourite Food

I was tagged by Ipohchai about my favourite food. Not very sure how tagging works, but I think its by writing up on whatever topic I've been tagged on. My favourite food. Hmm... that's tough. It's hard to decide. I've got too many favourite food!!

Well, I guess it's got to be BBQ Pork Ribs, marinated in honeyed soy sauce. Thinking of pork ribs... slicing its meat with juicies dripping at every slice... Munching on each sweet, succulent, perfectly barbequed pork ribs.... Mmmmm~

My first ever taste of barbequed pork ribs were in Disneyland, Anaheim. I have never tried pork ribs before. I always thought pork ribs had nothing edible on them. Until... that very crisp-cold night, standing in-line beside 2 long rows of hot pits, watching and dirfted away in the aroma of those ribs barbequed ribs. It's extremely hard to resist the temptation. Haha... That's where I found my love for pork ribs. Not in Malaysia, but at America. I always reminiscence Disneyland whenever we have bbq pork ribs at home. The more reasons for it to be my favourite food.

Mum's bbq pork ribs version

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not so girly

I'm not that kind of "oh-so-girly" female who plays with make up, dresses and bubble puzzle games nor watches soppy love dramas. So what do I do then? I collect GUNDAMS! You heard that right. If money grow on trees, I would have a large collection of gundams at home. Unfortunately, money don't grow on trees. *Sighs..* I love gundams. I play fighting, robots type games and watches and reads these types of animes too. Call me a tomboy if you must.

Just yesterday, my family went to Berjaya Times Square to watch spidey. I know it's extremely late but that's not the point right? We had 4 hours before the movie starts and wandered around the mall. However, that big big red BANDAI balloon caught my bro's and I attention. A Bandai exhibition is going on there!! Woohoo~ We were in haven!

Lots of Bandai products were on sale. From itsy bitsy toys to large gundam models. Apparently they're having a best gundam model display competition. Lucky us! We get to see and judge (we were self made judges) all those gundam models that were on displayt. There were even a large dwarf gundam mascot. As tall as 160cm!!

The large scale dwarf gundam

These few photos are some of the best gundams that were on display. The details were pretty good. Most of the displays were Strike Freedom gundam. I guess this gundam is the 'in' thing now. I didn't see any of my favourites though. No Deathscythe nor Nu Gundam.

Strike Freedom Gundam

*Sighs..* I wish we could display ours like they do. Makes it looks cool and 'macho'. Hope these guys win

Mini gundams

What's next that really caught my attention were these little tiny food stuffs. They're soooo tiny and detailed!!

Ramen, donuts, cupcakes, fried rice, taiyaki, takoyaki, eggs, onigiri, sauces, cheese, Pitz biscuits (I thought Ritz?) Everything in this food display were much smaller than my thumb's size! How on earth they do that??

We spend almost 2 hours there. Admiring. Most of the collection were pricy. The only things that we bought were those from the slot machines. There were lots of slot machines were we put in tokens, turn the knob, and poof! Your keychains and miniature models in bubbly round capsules. We chose Suzumiya Haruhi themed keychains. They costs RM 8 per capsule!!

Cute Haruhi and Nagato. I wanted Mikuru (red bunny girl) actually.

We also took back some other free merchandises. A free Strike Freedom Gundam plastic file holder.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Abacus Beads (Suan Pan Zi)

Abacus beads, better known as 算盘子 (Suan Pan Zi) is a traditional Hakka dish. It is usually served during the new year. But I had it just recently . Every Chinese New Year this dish is bound to be served. When I was very young, my grandma used to tell me to eat this as much as I can. Reason? So I can excel in maths. Haha... Logically she said it to encourage me to eat more (*guilty* I can eat the whole bowl of it.. not that small rice bowl k?) Heck, it's my favourite dish and only ONCE a year I get to eat this at an old family friend's place. That suan pan zi made by this grand-aunt "suan pan zi" is the best ever to me. Till now, I still don't know her real name. Been calling her "suan pan zi popo" all these years!

This time, it's no longer once a year thingy. My mum made this dish and I would say she did pretty well. You go mum!! XD

Raw suan pan zi

Oh ya, forgot to mention. These abacus beads is traditionally made with yam and tapioca flour. The dough is then shaped to resemble the abacus beads. They are then fried with tungku (Chinese mushroom), minced pork, chinese parsley, dried shrimps, garlic and spring onions in light soy sauce, salt and pepper. This dish is usally eaten with chilli sauce. The beads are chewy and overall this dish is extremely savoury.

If I'm not mistaken, suan pan zi can be found mostly at Malacca and Singapore. Argh... I've even made myself hungry!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Old Coins

My grandma handed down her collection of coins to me and my bro. Some had holes in them! I've heard of coin with holes before but never actually held them. They were so old that some of the inscriptions were pratically smoothen out. Being curious, I did a lil homework, searching around the net.

First, was the coins with holes. From the looks, I guessed they were from China. I keyed in "china old coins" and were shocked to know these are from Qing Dynasty!! That's 1644-1911. So freaking old!! Apparantly it's worth $2.95 at Hinky Import. So little only meh?? I can't read chinese but there's 2 different coins with different engraving and sizes.

I wonder why they cut a hole in the middle. Maybe olden days people used to string up their coins?

Other than that, her collection had the Straits Settlements 1/2 cent coins. What can you buy with 1/2 a cent?? According to my grandma, a bowl of noodles can be bought with just 1/2 a cent and there were even 1/4 cent coins!

Straits Settlements half cent coin

In history, the Straits Settlements consisted of Penang, Malacca and Singapore. Later in 1858, it was taken over by the Government of British India and an issue of one cent, half cent and quarter cent coins was made for use in the Straits Settlements, bearing in inscription “India Straits”. In 1867, the Straits Settlements were transferred to the Imperial Government in London. The coins then beared the inscription “Straits Settlements” and were issued under the reigns of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), King Edward VII (1901-1910) and King George V (1910-1936).

Lastly in her collection are the 1 cent coins. At first glace I thought they were all the same. But no. There were 2 types. Some had "Commissioners of Currency Malaya" engraved, whereas the rest were "Malaya and British Borneo".

What I noticed later were the sizes. The Malaya coins on 1943 were smaller than those of 1940 and 1941. I don't know what size it was on 1942 and why they became smaller, but here's a picture. Left: 1940, Right: 1943.

Commissioners of Currency Malaya

The back of Malaya coins showed a side profile King George VI. Whereas the Malaya and British Borneo coins beared Queen Elizabeth the Second. A short history:

In 1933, Sir Basil Blackett, Secretary of State for the Colonies stated in his report that the only power of issuing currency should be given to a Pan-Malayan Currency Commission. This was adopted by the Malayan States and The Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1938) commenced to issue currency in 1939. All the notes then had the portrait of King George VI. However, after the Indian Independence Act 1947, the British Parliament assented to omit the king's portrait and issued the coins to bear the portraits of Queen Elizabeth II.

Malaya and British Borneo Coin 1956

Ok, I'm no historian nor an old coin collector expert. But these old coins are pretty cool and are rich in history. If these coins could speak, I'm sure there's tonnes of tales, stories and scenes of that era to be told.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

First cake

This is the first time someone ordered a cake from me. I have always bake for fun, making them for family and friends casually for tea or so. I never actually thought that anyone would place an order nor get paid for it. An ex-secondary teacher of mine asked me to bake a blueberry cheesecake for her hubby's birthday. Long ago I've made this cake once and gave away some slices. Apparantly, he and the kids loved it! And it's supposed to be a suprise gift requested by her children for their dear daddy. Hehe... How sweet of them.

The cake was just only delievered. I guess posting this now will not spoil the fun. So here it is, a blueberry cheesecake with tiny sugar hearts around it.

I'm still bad at frosting and cake decorating. It's hard not to accidentally mush the cream.

AAaa... It's crooked!!

It weights 1.5kg and the largest so far I've made. I just hope it still tastes as good as it used to and really hope they don't mind my amature cake decorating.

Never Too Late

I hope. I've always believed in the phrase, "Better late than never!". And being a last minute person, I've finally participated!

Advertlets is holding this exciting Bloggers' Review Advertlets Program where RM15,000 will be given out to 300 bloggers who review them! Cool huh?

I have registered with Advertlets a few weeks back. Why? Advertlets is not just about random ads only. It allows me to make money through targetted advertising which is relevant to my blog. What's more, they allows us bloggers to get to know our readers better AND get access to free website tools to upgrade my blog further! I for one like their innovative interactive 2-in-1 advertising/polling system. Moreover, my readers are even able to comment in it!

Clickety clickety click~
Hehe... Best of all, I can actually monetize what I love doing!!

I have not earned anything yet as I'm still a newbie. This Review Advertlets program will be a good begining for me! Come join me in this review program. Who knows? You might be one of the lucky ones to earn RM 50! TRY IT! Hurry!! It lasts till end of this month! That's only 4 days away!!!

Too late? NEVER! If you've never tried, you will never know!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cooking Masterboy

Was watching this old anime again for the past 2 days. What? Watch anime also about cooking?? Bet you're thinking that I'm really that bored. Haha... Cooking Masterboy is about a young boy named Mao who goes on an adventure to seek new culinary skills. And he's determined to follow his mother's footsteps and become the best chef in China. Pretty interesting anime. It has good humor, action (chefs competing each other) and features lots and lots of food plus whoever that taste Mao's cooking is filled with estacy. Practically every episode (total of 52 episodes) there's at least a dish!!

What I like best about this anime is that every single food is explained and drawn in detailed. Food in this anime is even associated with poetry, morales, geography, medicinal values and history.

Imagine cutting up a fish and you see CHINA!

Like any other anime, the characters are usually obsessed with what they do. Mao has very deep knowledge with food, ingredients and food science. You'll see various wok acrobatics and almost impossible cutting and cooking techniques. Tossing the cow (yea... whole COW!) high high up and with just a swing or two, it's cut up beautifully in tiny pieces! Wah lau!

One note though, be prepared to feel hungry after every episode!