Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lavender Berry Farm

I fell in love with these pancakes when I was in Lavender Berry & Farm, Pemberton. Without fail, these replica at home reminds me of the peaceful sunny morning, sipping coffee at the cottage's cafe by the lake, surrounded by lavender bushes and trees, and of course.. horses, ponies, ducks, swans and their loving golden retreiver. No rumbling motors, no terrifying news, no annoying alarm clock, no worries. Aah... That's life.

(Pictures taken from their site. I'm lazy to scan mine)

Sigh... Its been 5 years since. And this is one thing I missed sooo much about Lavender Berry Farm. Their unique pancakes! The pancakes are served warm with their homemade strawberry sauce, ice-cream and their speciality pickles. Without fail, these replica pancakes of mine reminds me of that place. Only difference is, mine doesn't have that extra umph and unique taste like theirs. Somehow, the pickles and place do make hell a lot of difference. sad

Hopefully one day I can revisit there again.

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