Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting in 'shape'

Annual dinner - in 2 weeks.
It's something nice to look forward to. However... it can be a hassle especially when you want to look and feel good on that day. It means I have to watch what I eat a little more than usual... well, from "I eat whatever I like" to "Eat whatever I like with control". Haha... kinda tough for a person like me who loves to eat. Not only that, I have to watch my lifestyle too.

My attempt would be:
1) Cut down on oily food... but I love fatty pork!
2) Sweets ah... I need my Skittles!... XD
3) Get moving! ...Is studying consired as brain exercise?
4) Consume more veggies & fruits. Heck! No problemo!
5) Get enough sleep! ...With coursework, reports, tests, finals just around the corner?
6) Eat 1 person's portion, not 2. Umm... when my favourite food is right in front of me? Guess not.

In the end......

I ended up eating 2 person's portion. Rice and noodles, fried tofu, chicken and egg... lots of meat and less veggies. Whee~~

Bah! The heck with weight watching!


Rahayu said...

BURN DOWN ALL DIET BOOKS!!!! hehehe.... can't wait 2 see u in a dress =p

Kimiko said...

Can't wait to see u in a dress too XD