Friday, April 20, 2007

Annual Dinner

Goodness... I'm so outdated with tonnes of stuffs to do. cry A week of torment just went by. Gawd! Here's a brief of the annual dinner my uni organized on 13/4/07.

An opening performance by a 10-year old child. She can really shake her bon-bons! DJs as our MCs! eek

(Last 2 pics were stolen from Ayu & Yvonne mrgreen)

The food served were pretty elaborate. Not too bad lah. Still edible

The menu was:
Marinated Wild Mushroom Salad with Young Asparagus Tips and Sliced Jade Abalone
Minestrone Soup
Grilled Herbal Crushed Chicken with Gralic Confit,
Polenta Cake and Honey Mustard Sauce
Chocolate Coated Hazelnut Parfait with Summer Berry Coulis
Coffee or Tea

Somehow the service provided by Shangri-La Hotel was a set back. I was served with buns twice, they took away my desset fork instead of the salad one after I had my salad (yea... they supposedly followed the typical western way of laying the table) and they forgot my coffee!! Can't blame 'em though... The waiters were practically hypnotized by the sexy belly dancer confused

Belly dancers are cool, except I'm still normal and don't drool nor hynotized.

The Mr. & Miss Nottingham competition on stage was lame and boring. No mood to even take photos of them.

A wannabe stripper just to win the title "Mr. Best Dressed" lol

There were rock bands performing their screeching music and screaming voices. It was bad enough to sit near the giant stereos. The sound system and collaboration of their horrid singing hurt my poor ear drums.

A cozy ambience of one of the hallways at Shangri-La. A nice getaway after being partially deaf in the ball room. You practically can sleep on the couch, no one bothers you.
The next day tell everyone "I've stayed in Shangri-La!" mrgreen


Ayu said...

u definitely need 2 teach me about table etiquette... I have no idea which fork to use 1st >_>

Kimiko said...

hehe... its simple. start from the outer ones and gradually to the inner utensils. the top 2 are for desserts.

anyway, i don't think any1 noticed who stole whose bread/which fork was used that day. haha.. =P