Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Sudheer!

Today's the big day for da big guy I've known on the uni bus. We had a small party at Pizza Hut, a bit dissapointed couldn't bake anything as a suprise since then kitchen is down. The first bday party with no birthday cake, no candles. Bday boy nowanna cake. Outgrew it so fast ah? Haha...

There we took almost 10 minutes to decide what to order. Never knew guys were as indecisive as us. Lolz! I pity the waiter...

If you're wondering what they were talking about... Honestly, all I know is it was from the movie 300. Underwear? They know better. Lolz! They may sound cranky, but hey! That's them. Fun and cool peeps to hang out with.

"Piiiizzaaaa!~ =)", the 2 next ninja turtles.


Anonymous said...'ve recorded one of our most embarrassing moments...underwear....this
might lead to some misunderstandings...xD

Kimiko said...

haha... makes life more interesting ma =P