Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Popo

Honestly, I'm one forgetful person especially when it comes to remembering birthdays. So far I've managed to keep track of my friends and parents birthdays, but hardly for my grandparents and relatives. I'm such a terrible person >_<

My aunt threw a birthday party for my grandma yesterday. She's 82!! And this time, for the first time ever, I made a cake for her. Also, its a challenge to me, since my cousin is away at Australia, she usually does the desserts... and she's superbly good at it (certified pastry chef ma... =P) To try to at least be able to meet up their 'expectations', I tried my best by baking everyone's favourite New York Choc Chip Cheesecake and decorating it with some first-attempt in fondant roses bouquet/scatter.

Hmm... seems ok; but I think I need more practise.

Happy Birthday!

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