Thursday, March 22, 2007

Broga's Temple

Out of the blue, after a nice pan mee lunch with the guys, we went to Broga's Temple. Kinda out of place though. I've heard about this temple ages ago, but have never set foot there before. It's a pretty quaint lil 'kuan yin' temple situated in Broga. It has many large figurines/statues comprising the 12 chinese zodiac animals, extremely large gold olden china coins, wealth turtle, son wu kong and kuan yin. We were almost like tourists, taking photos here and there. Posing with the animals, rocks and whatnots there. Haha... we're a crazy bunch of people, taking photos under the bright hot sun shine.

One thing I noticed that, by just standing on the top of the hill of the temple's garden, you could see beautiful hill-ly scenery. In Broga?? I'm serious. It looks like Cameron Highlands. Too bad I didn't take a photo of it... only had this monkey photo of us, courtesy of Brian.

I know it's not a foodie post. Lolz... Well, if you insist... there's still the monkey's banana banana sculpture (how's this, Wykit? XD) and that urm... finished pack of ABC drink. =P

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