Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Gong Xi! Ang Pau mari~~ muahhaha... =P
This year's new year was pretty heavy for the stomach. Yeah, the whole new year week was nothing more than just eat eat eat and be merry. At the rate I stuff myslef, thank God I didn't become roly-poly!

Chinese New Year Eve:
Annual family reunion dinner in KL. Each family brought a dish or 2 to the house, sort of a pot luck. I love the artistic sense that my aunts and uncles have. From the drinks and food that were served to the decorations of the house; it really did set the chinese new year mood alive in a high class way. The food was superbly scrumptious!

One big happy family... and still growing. Notice the glaring red faces? hehe...

First Day of New Year:
We went down to the historical town of Melaka to celebrate with the rest of my relatives. As usual the annual tea ceremony, roundings to friends' houses, collecting ang paus, dinner... and 'Pop Pop' War! It was fun chasing around my cousins and my young-at-heart uncle, throwing handsful of tiny crackers (Pop Pop) at them. Too bad didn't have the chance to capture those thrilling moments. =)I must be crazy taking a photo of the neighbouring car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Same goes to that other person too... my cousin! Lolz!

Seventh & Eighth Day of CNY:
I had a party on the 7th and 8th day of new year. The 7th day was dedicated to my former classmates, whereas the 8th day was for my uni mates. Sadly, I was too busy enjoying myself and forgotten to take photos of my old buddies on the 7th day. *sobs*

To my uni mates... don't think you've escaped from my camera! *grins* We had fun playing the game "Bluff".


Anonymous said...

Cool mini casino set! Where to purchase it?

Serry said...

RI LI!!!! You have tubed us!! o_O Rahayu here btw.... I'll forgive u 4 now coz the food was great =p

Kimiko said...

Ayu~ Haha.. u found me here! lolz...

anonymous: they were bought by my cousin. no idea where though, sorry.