Thursday, February 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Pa

I wont say that my dad's a superman nor a superstar. My dad's a normal human, with a big warm loving heart. I may not seem to be the perfect daughter, who is stubborn and have my own faults here and there *eeps!*. That is what a normal growing girl is right? =P He may be scary and unreasonable at times, but no matter what it is, he still a forgiving, loving and an understanding father of mine. I love you pa... and Happy Birthday!

Mum and I decided to make something special on this day. A simple Japanese udon with tempura for dinner, a refreshing bowl of creamy macha ice cream accompanied with sweet strawberry covered in chocolate, and lastly... the birthday cake!
A rich New York Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake simply decorated by me! This is my first go at cake decorating. I have no idea to what I was doing actually. Just stacking up the strawberries and making a trail of flowers? >_<.

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