Thursday, January 4, 2007

Savory Cheese Crackers

A big fat exam that's just the corner doesn't really bring much joy to a brand new year. Quite a stressful holiday I must say. Being stressed out is bad for the waistline. I tend to reach for something to nibble on while studying. Munching and slurping away while reading, writing, listening to music and singing along? Multi tasking or just plain no concentration? Haha...

I had this beside me while I'm with my books today. What's that white thing? Tofu drenched in chilli sauce? And crackers??
Guess guess....

It's cheese with chilli sauce! =P Weird concoction huh? Many have been fooled by this. *grins*

The chilli sauce I used was store bought. You can make your own chilli sauce too with this recipe from Chilli World. A warning though... these cheese crackers do make you crave for more. With the slight hint of salt in the crackers and a dollop of soft creamy cheese are very comforting especially when you're stressed out. Moreover, the tinge of sweet, sour and the fresh sent of parsely accompanied with slight 'spicy-ness' in every bite... Ummmh! It's a great dish to munch on as a snack or served as an appetizer.

p.s: Happy New Year!

Savory Cheese Crackers

A pack of you favorite plain cheese crackers
Cream cheese - soften
Thai sweet chilli sauce
Coriander - roughly chopped

Cut a small slab of cream cheese and place it in a bowl. Pour chilli sauce over the slab of cream cheese. Garnish with coriander and serve on crackers.
Simply spread chilli cheese mixture and parsely on crackers. Just like you would to peanut butter on a slice bread.

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